Bright Bovine Room

Double Occupancy

The Bright Bovine room features a queen size bed and can accommodate an extra person on a deluxe air mattress for an additional fee* per night. The Herring Family was well known for their fine herd of beef cattle. The Innkeeper instills her love of this long tradition by proudly displaying her extensive bovine (latin for cow) collection throughout the house.

She also has a love for bright vivid colors and this room combines both of her favorites! There is a large picture of a colorful cow hanging over the antique walnut queen bed and the rest of the furnishings seem to just blend right in “INN” bright fashion.

The beautiful mosaic tile chairs and walnut family antiques, add to the uniqueness of the room. An original hand carved mantle adorns the fireplace, which is decorative for now.

Known as the “fun room,” the Bright Bovine proudly displays a large antique handmade satin quilt, of the “Colonial Lady” pattern, fondly given to the Innkeeper by Edythe M. White, Chief Culinary Artist at Herring Hall for over fifty years. She remained at Herring Hall long after the Inn closed and was considered part of the family. Her picture is proudly displayed among other family photos.

The Bright Bovine also has a private bath, located a few steps down the hall. It is decorated in coordinating colors and contains the original clawfoot bathtub with added shower.

The Bright Bovine can be reserved together with the adjoining Keydet for a two room suite.